Kermit needs a home

Kermit needs a home

Kermit the Dog here! I’d love to tell you a little about myself and see if we’d be a good match. First of all, I love affection! Belly rubs and head scratches, I’m all for it. I’m a sweet guy and I’ll give you lovin’ right back! Secondly, I’m insanely handsome, but I know you noticed that.

I’m just a big goofball that loves to play.  I can run super fast around the yard! Give me twenty minutes and I’ll wear myself out. After that I’m good to lie on my bed and nap!

I’m a big dude at 70 pounds and am in the prime of my life at only five years old! I’ll need a family that’s willing to keep up my training in the ways of obedience and a family that’s willing to be active with me. I’d do best with a dog my size or larger. Or even better, I’d love to be your one and only. I can’t wait to meet you and become part of your family forever! Get over here already!

Foster and adoption applications at

PS! I have a reduced adoption fee thanks to a guardian angel.

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