Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence

Self-esteem is something to which we all aspire, but every now and then, we all feel rather low and need a bit of a boost. 

Whether one of your relationships has you down or you are having a tough time at work, consider doing one of these small things to make yourself feel a little better. Building confidence is a job that is never finished and needs constant attention. 

Personal Wellness

• Call a friend or loved one with whom you haven’t spoken in a while. We all have a person we might think of but forget to contact because we get busy. Letting people know how much they mean to us not only makes them feel good, it makes us feel good, too. 

• Follow through on something a friend or family member has recommended to you, be it a book to read, a movie to watch or a restaurant to try. You get to try something new, and you can discuss it with your friend or family member later.  

Professional Wellness

• Sometimes looking back on past work that you’re very proud of is just the ticket. It can remind you of what you’re capable of, bring back feelings of success and give you the determination and motivation you need to tackle a current project. 

• Complete a task you’ve been putting off. A lot of times the tasks that we put off are the ones that require very little of our time — such as answering an email or emptying the dishwasher. Completing even a small task gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Mental Wellness

• Meditate. There are a lot of free apps for your smartphone, such as The Mindfulness App and Headspace, that will take you through timed and guided meditations. Reset your internal clock. 

• Dance. Put on some guilty pleasure music (90s teen sensations, anyone?) and get up and move. Do it alone and do it often. 

Physical Wellness

• Visit YouTube and find a short exercise video. Many of us intend to go to the gym or try a new class, but time gets the best of us and we never do. We forget that many exercises can be done at home and in short spurts. 

• Give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morning to get ready. Giving yourself time to slow down, try something new with your hair or make-up, or take extra care in getting dressed will help you relax and take pleasure in planning for the day ahead.