Pet of the Month: Dashing Denny needs a home!

Pet of the Month: Dashing Denny needs a home!

At two years old, Denny is coming into the best of puppyhood: the sweet and trainable time. A male Doberman/Shepherd mix, Denny appears to have hit the genetic jackpot, getting the best traits of both (loyalty, high intelligence, and strong family bonding). He’s hit his full growth at only 40 pounds, an excellent size for an indoor only pet. Plus, Denny has black fur – and black goes with everything!

He’s already potty-trained (Hurray!), and needs to go out morning and evening. He’s used to sleeping in his crate. He’s learning to get along with other pets, he’s good with kids, and he loves fetch.

His foster family describes him as affectionate, friendly, sweet, smart, and trainable. Denny already knows the sit, stay, come, and place commands. They’re working with him on not pulling on the leash during walks and on not jumping up, which are both puppy behaviors. He needs exercise, and will go from excited to mellow after his walk. He is easy to train, focused on his person, alert, and very loyal.

Denny is the perfect age for adoption and making a lifetime connection to a family or an individual. The time and effort you invest will be well rewarded for many years to come.

Now that you know more about me, you can make a better decision. If you’re serious about making a forever loving connection, then please email [email protected] or visit our adoption page for more information and to fill out an application.