Blue will make your heart sing!

Blue will make your heart sing!

Although Elvis sang that he was nothing but a hound dog, BLUE is a hound mix. And while Elvis has left us, Blue is right here on Earth, in need of a foster or forever family. This handsome puppy wants to capture your heart.

At just 10 months old, and 46 lbs., Blue is an inside dog who goes outside only with supervision to relieve himself. A piece of ice delights him and he’ll chase it into his crate. He can sleep in his crate, but does well sleeping through the night in a dog bed next to a trusted human’s bed.

He could not be easier to please, toy-wise. He’s happy with anything. He enjoys pushing a bone around on the floor. He knows how to fetch, too. He is fearless! He’s shown no fear of hair dryers, etc. These are all positives in a puppy.

Blue already knows the sit, high five, shake, and sit pretty commands. He would do best in a home with another dog his size and energy level. Blue has the potential of a top-notch dog in his 10-month-old body. Every bit of attention and training you invest in him will be repaid many times over when he reaches adulthood.

If Blue sounds like the perfect pup for you, please fill out an application at

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