Save room for Spot!

Save room for Spot!

Spot is a curious young pup who loves to go on adventures and also cuddle on the couch. He’s a 1.5-year-old 45 lb. Border Collie/Pointer mix who was, sadly, hit by a car while living on the streets in Dallas. Fortunately for Spot though, he was taken in and treated by PITC and is currently residing and recovering in a foster home. He did lose sight in his left eye in the accident but that doesn’t slow this boy down!

His foster mom reports that he is energetic, inquisitive, and has the sweetest disposition. He is crate trained and good with other dogs of similar size and energy. He loves to go on trail runs and explore new patios and be involved in all the things with you.

Spot would thrive with an active family that includes him in their daily activities and outings. He would love to have his own yard but is currently living in a condo with no yard and his foster mom reports as long as he gets a couple daily walks/runs and playtime, he’s a happy guy! 

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