Copper is a Keeper !

Copper is a Keeper !

Hi! My name is Copper but I am as good as gold! I am a 3-year-old, 56 pound, Shepherd/Lab mix girl that would love to come over to your house for pets and treats and then never leave.

My caregivers say that my best habit is, and I quote, “prancing around so fancy!” I love that they say that about me because it gives a good indication of the kind of dog that I am. They have many other nice things to say about me. I am smart, silly, trainable, cuddly, quiet and friendly. I am also well behaved, playful, sweet and loyal.

At 3-years-old, I am old enough to know how to behave and young enough to delight you with my charm and sweet nature. I am potty trained, leash trained, and I come when you call me. I like other pets and my plush toy and of course, people. I do love people a lot!

I  know that I am hard to pass up, so don’t! Contact today to adopt me. I promise to prance around fancy for you if you do!  

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