Ca$h… and carry him home

Ca$h… and carry  him home

Hi! I am Ca$h and I am so money, baby!
I am an 8-month-old lab mix puppy with the reputation of being a cool, darling boy that loves to sit close and be petted. I’ll tell you what else I like… I like to play ball and eat liver treats. I am happy and I know it and you will know it, too ‘cause when I am happy, I have a great big smile on my face. The happier I am, the bigger it gets and then my tongue hangs out!

The people where I am staying say that I am affectionate, good-natured, charming, sweet, friendly and active. Like any good puppy dog, I
am also a bit mischievous and highly entertaining.

I walk on a leash and come running when you call my name. I am doing pretty darn good with the whole potty-training thing. I go frequently during the day but now I can hold it all night long. I also sleep on a blanket in my kennel.

I am good with dogs of similar size and energy and kids over 8, but one of the best things about me is that I can entertain myself for hours. Just give me a ball or toy and sit back and watch.

I am so ready for a home with a great family that can teach me all of the things that make a dog truly great! Adopt today, don’t delay!

I know that I am hard to pass up, so please don’t! Contact
today to adopt me. I promise to smile for you if you do!

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