Adopt Abby

Adopt Abby

Abby’s story is a bit lengthy because many humans have failed her in her six years. She was born in the rescue May 7, 2012. Her first adoptive home lasted for only a few weeks until Abby and the other dogs at the home got their collars locked while playing together. In the scuffle of scared dogs and trying to get the collars apart, a human was bit and newcomer Abby was blamed. She was sent to quarantine for 10 days and was so terrified that they were not able to get her out of the kennel for the entire stay! DFW Pup Patrol got her back on track and helped her be a happy dog again.

Abby’s next home seemed promising and lasted almost a year despite being adopted by an older gentleman who was briefed on her puppyness. He sent her to training for a few weeks but realized he needed a lower energy dog to suit his lifestyle. Once again, DFW Pup Patrol got her lined back up and ready for her forever home.

At 2 years old she was carefully placed in her 3rd home. Four years went by and things were going great but unfortunately her family would not provide her the structure or leadership she needed. No walks, no outings, just the yard and the home.

Abby is now 6 years old and is once again looking for that forever family. She is completely housetrained and crate trained. She loves to play ball and be with her human. She loves to give kisses! She is happy to sleep next to her human’s bed in her own doggy bed. She needs and loves a walk or a little ball playtime once a day. She is labeled a Pitbull, but that is not really accurate. DNA tests on her siblings show mostly Beagle, small mixes of other breeds, and a tiny bit of Staffordshire Terrier.

Think Abby could be your new best friend? Visit [email protected]. All adoptable pups have an adoption fee of $250 and it includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping and any immediate known health issues. 

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