Rustic bouquets, greenery add natural flair to weddings

Rustic bouquets, greenery add natural flair to weddings

By Sonia Duggan

Couples who choose to streamline their nuptials and create more intimate and less superficial affairs often gravitate toward more rustic style celebrations to showcase their ideals. Rustic weddings often appeal to millennials who often want to be as eco-friendly as possible.

These more organic weddings may include ceremonies and receptions that take place outdoors or in abodes, such as barns, wineries, castles, or converted silos or town factories. In fact, Bridal Guide says that barn weddings have never been more popular — among both urban and rural couples alike.

Coordinating a rustic wedding takes creativity choosing less formal foods, favors and flowers. In fact, one way to describe rustic weddings — and especially the floral arrangements that adorn them — is “purposely imperfect.” A well-designed bouquet should be sturdy, yet beautiful, and brides shouldn’t worry whether or not these will fall apart when handled.

Rustic wedding bouquets should look like they were plucked right out of the garden or grabbed through a stroll in a meadow. It does take skill to create this look. Much like nature, they’re rarely symmetrical or feature the customary flowers of more formal wedding celebrations.

Floral designers may keep the stems of wildflowers or other blooms untethered for a relaxed feel.

Long stemmed arrangements are quite popular, and trends point toward bouquets that are loosely tied with raffia, twine, vines and other natural materials rather than more refined ribbon.

Another way to add definition to this type of bouquet is to introduce other elements into the arrangements. Not merely blooms and greenery, rustic pieces may feature twigs, vines, berries, scabiosa pods, ivy, and feathery ferns. The heights of elements in the bouquet are varied, and the bouquets will not have an overly uniform shape.

Some of the best foliage options for overall décor add texture and movement, like eucalyptus, hanging amaranthus and ivy. Fancy grasses, like green millet, hanging feather, or little bunny (a type of fountain grass), can add a unique look to florals.

How can I include greenery in my wedding?

Just like any other floral décor, greenery is great because you can add as little or as much as you’d like. Here are some unique ways to use greenery on your big day:

• Add small bunches of greens, like evergreen needles, to place settings by tying them in bundles with cutlery.

• Give your groom and groomsmen a natural and more masculine look with boutonnieres made of greens.

• Enhance your wedding cake with a touch of green – lush foliage either adorned directly on your cake, or on the cake table, adds great contrast, especially if your cake is white.

• Incorporate this trend into table number signs or place cards. A metallic font on a dark leaf is simple yet elegant.

When planning a rustic wedding, couples can work with their florists to create bouquets and arrangements that fit with their visions. c

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